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Diffy vs Screenster

Screenster ( is a cloud solution for automating both functional and visual testing. To start you need create a project and record the actions inside of the UI.

Service allows to record actions, manually create steps or use java to code Selenium actions. Main idea is to create a baseline set of images and approving them along the way of running tests.





Coding required

No but you can code Selenium actions with java

No. Simply provide list of URLs and you are good to go

Integration with functional testing frameworks



Take screenshots as authenticated user

Yes. As a part of functional test.

Yes. Via configuration.

Manipulate DOM prior taking screenshots: masking, removing, isolating elements



Image comparison

Pixel perfect

Pixel perfect and custom (recognizes vertical shifts)


Can be run both in the cloud and locally (you can install server)

Based on Diffy’s infrastructure.

Billing model

Based on number of test runs per month

Based on number of pages all your projects have altogether


I found Screenster a more advanced tool to start visual testing. It has great functionality set and support for multiple browsers. Meanwhile, it is getting a bit slow during the recording of tests and has pretty complex UI.