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Visual Testing

When would you need a visual testing for your website?


Here are a few cases when it is the most useful.


Websites maintenance. Running updates for Wordpress, Drupal or any other CMS

If you run one or multiple sites on open source CMS like Wordpress you need to update it regularly. And the best thing about these is that you expect absolutely no changes with updates.

If you have some staging environment for your website, the best practice would be to copy your database over from live and run updates there. Then, you could compare your staging environment with your production to ensure that there are no changes. Only after this verification -- deploy your updates to your production.

If you don’t have a staging environment you could do updates directly on your live environment. Make sure you create a backup. Then you can create a set of screenshots “before update”. Then you can run your updates and create the second set of screenshots “after update”. Comparing these you’ll see if your updates changed anything on your site visually.


Verifying new features

When you develop new features it is a good practice to deploy to stage environment first. You can sync the content (database and files) with your live environment and then deploy new features there. Soonest it is done you can run a visual comparison with production so you could see what exact changes are coming with your new features. In this way, you can ensure no unexpected regressions introduced.


Developing new features with CI builds

If you have more sophisticated CI setup and spin up separate environments per pull request you could test them as well. With our REST API once test environment is ready, you could trigger a job to compare your custom environment with your Development (one that you integrate all code). In this way every pull request can be also visually tested.


Visually centered development

You could also maintain a baseline set of screenshots while doing development of your project. This means whenever new features got developed you can approve / refuse screenshots to keep your baseline most up to date. With our tool, you can have baseline images to come from different environments so you have maximum flexibility.