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  • extension

    Never worry about your next release breaking the site again

    Create a visual snapshot of your production environment and compare it with screenshots made from your staging environment. Know exactly what pages have changed.

  • fingerprint

    Debug large content migration's bugs on large scale

    When you migrate content you sometimes need to check hundreds or even thousands of migrated pages. Once you fine tune migration scripts you need to recheck them to make sure nothing got broken. Let visual testing take care of finding the changes so you can debug migrations faster.
  • flight_land

    Integrate visual testing with your CI

    We can create screenshots from any environment and compare them with your stage / live data. In this way you can test your builds visuall. Also Diffy will submit results data to your webhook so you can display in your pull request whether build failed or not.
  • card_travel

    Less false positives with our custom screenshots comparison algorithm

    Our custom images comparison algorithm identify vertical shifts. So if you had changes in header only that section will be highlighted instead whole page.

How it works

Full page screenshots with Firefox or Chrome

We use a private farm of headless Firefox browsers to create screenshots. When we open the page we resize it to appropriate screen width and grab the screenshot of the full page. This usually requires large amounts of RAM as some pages are extremely large.

Custom algorithm to compare screenshots

We use both imagemagick (pixel perfect) and custom algorithm to compare images. It is implemented in C using OpenCV library and is optimized for comparing webpage screenshots. When you set up diff sensitivity we check how many pages from total amount have been changed.

Reduce noise. Mask or isolate elements

If you have rotating gallery or ads on the page we can mask them (fill them with color) so they won't be highlighted on the diff. Also, we can isolate certain elements from the page if you would like to test only those particular parts.

Security. Bypassing firewall.

Beside of bypassing basic authentication to get to your staging / dev environment we can also make browsers to go through the proxy server. In this way if you use firewall you could whitelist single IP address that will be used by all our workers.


Add your team members and set up notifications by email or to your SLACK channel. We can also call your webhook with all the results so you can set up any notifications to your pull request threads and the like.


All the functionality you see from our UI is available on API level. Starting from creating project to creating all kinds of screenshots and diffs. Want to check API's fast -- try our Swagger UI to see how API's work in action.

What our clients say

The Discover Los Angeles website has thousands of events, articles, and guides for locals and visitors. Deploying anything that may impact the consumer’s experience is something we need to catch before the general public does. Diffy’s automated service helps us know exactly what changed on our front-end between deployments.

Chris Charlton
Web Developer, Digital Marketing



100 pages
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Great start for freelancers to test
2-5 projects.



1000 pages
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onboarding consultations
team management
2 dedicated workers


(7.5¢ per page)

For organizations having 10+ projects. Manage your team and clients effectively.


Unlimited pages
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any number dedicated workers

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Dedicated environment for your team with maximum performance.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard via using Stripe as a payment gateway.

What means 100 pages as a plan type?

This means that all your projects together should not exceed 100 pages. On average single site would have around 20-30 critical pages to check.