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The most accurate visual regression testing tool

Saves developers hours of checking their work

14 days free trial period,
no credit card required


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Our proprietary comparison algorithm avoids false positives

Due to specifics of browser rendering, there could be tiny vertical shifts which lead to false positives. You may already noticed it when working with other visual regression tools. An algorithm used in Diffy detects these shifts and provides much better results than pixel perfect comparison algorithms.


To achieve more accurate results and avoid false positives, you can use a rich toolset to adjust page content before taking a screenshot.

  • Custom algorithm to compare images
  • Pixel perfect compare images
  • Mask/remove elements from pages
  • Alter page content
  • Custom CSS, JS
  • Delay, scroll
  • Logged in user screenshots
  • Bypass basic authentication
  • Custom breakpoints
  • HTTP headers
  • Cookies
  • Prod, Dev, Stage environments
  • Slack notifications
  • Team management
  • Monitoring
  • Scan sitemap for URLs
  • Thumbnails preview
  • Shareable URLs to reports
  • Control number of simultaneous workers
  • Same IP address for workers for whitelisting
  • Upload your designs to compare with actual screenshots
  • Local worker
  • Any number of custom environments
  • CLI tool for integrations
  • Patternlab
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Bitbucket
  • Acquia
  • Pantheon
  • CircleCI
  • BrowserStack
  • LambdaTest

14 days free trial period,
no credit card required