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Case Study Alphex. Time savings manual testing


Diffy builds confidence with the customer. It is literally hours and hours of work that you can save


The challenge

Alphex is primarily a Drupal-based web application studio.

Before using Diffy, the testing process was very manual, and there were some situations when things broke. 

If you have even 200 pages, testing can take two hours, and then you ask the client to check, which will take them two hours. At some point, people stop doing the work, and the client wonders why the team asks them to do the testing. Is the team not confident in the work they’re doing?



Alphex has built a process where before work is shown to the client, Diffy collects the screenshots to ensure the work hasn’t disrupted anything else across the project.

This demonstrates to the client that the team has a process to validate the work consistently. It builds the confidence that you’re delivering quality work, and it saves hours of manual testing.



  1. Hours of time savings for testing
  2. Consistent process to validate changes
  3. The client’s confidence in the team’s work

Diffy helps your QA team

to ensure that websites don't get visual bugs