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Web UI Automation Testing

Over 20+ features for insanely
accurate visual automation testing.


Pixel perfect + custom algorithm to compare images

What makes us the most accurate tool for visual automation testing? Our hybrid model of pixel perfect comparison + custom solution to understand vertical shifts. Check out the difference here.

Three environments: production, staging and development. Bypass basic authentication.

So it is easy to run comparison after you do deployments. Also it is possible to have custom environments for your CI builds.


Paste list of URL’s or scan pages for internal links.

Start your project by scanning your pages for internal links & building a list of the URLs you want covered with UI automation testing.

Multiple breakpoints to cover mobile, tablet, desktop.

You can select any of available breakpoints so your screenshots are taken with different screen widths.


Take screenshots as logged in user

Did you know we cover both Drupal testing & Wordpress automated testing? You can test your dashboards, profile pages and other parts of your site that require log in.

And if you choose custom authentication, simply provide the CSS selectors of the form elements.

Team management.

True web UI automation testing is done as a team. Add users to your project so they can access different projects, trigger tasks, & review results.


Custom delay.

Scroll the page before taking a screenshot. A must for web pages with lazy loading images and other elements.

Custom HTTP headers like User-Agent to be used

Every time you’re doing visual automation testing, you’re taking screenshots that generate website traffic. Exclude them from Google Analytics by using alternative HTTP headers. This way, your UI tests won’t affect your real user’s data. Visit HTTP Headers documentation for more information.


Single IP address for whitelisting of custom proxy server.

If your stage / dev sites are behind the firewall all our workers can come from the same IP address so you can whitelist it.

Isolating / Masking / Removing elements from the DOM before taking screenshot.

So you can remove ads and popups or mask sliders on the page. Otherwise there is high chance they will create false positives for you.


Notifications, SLACK messages

Want another way to send the results of your visual automated tests to other users? Do it via Slack or your CI server. As easy as it gets.


Set up weekly checks of your production environment. It will trigger set of screenshots and compare them with a previous run.

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