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Diffy vs Percy

Need a visual regression tool and are doing some research about available tools on the market?

This post compares Percy with Diffy.



I created Diffy for those who need swift and accurate results. To achieve that, Diffy has a number of nifty features not available with other tools.

One of the best being ‘No Code’ You don’t have to code to see which part of your project isn’t working correctly. 

Being an automated visual regression tool, Diffy does this for you. All you need to do is provide it the URL of the project and leave the rest to it.

Percy – on the other hand – requires you to code so you need a developer who will build and support your tests for visual regression testing.


Peace of mind

Diffy has made the billing system with your preferences in mind. 

We bill based on the number of pages, which is far easier to keep track of on your end. This gives you peace of mind that you’re not paying extra for something you may or may not have used.

Percy, on the other hand, uses screenshots as its billing criteria. It works great, but you need constantly be aware about your usage as you can go over the limit easily.


Here’s a breakdown of some of the difference between Percy and Diffy




Coding required


No. Simply provide list of URLs and you are good to go

Integration with functional testing frameworks



Take screenshots as authenticated user

Yes. As a part of functional test.

Yes. Via configuration.

Manipulate DOM prior taking screenshots: masking, removing, isolating elements



Image comparison

Pixel perfect

Pixel perfect and custom (recognizes vertical shifts)


Up to your infrastructure. Percy simply receives images.

Based on Diffy’s infrastructure.

Billing model

Based on number of screenshots you send per month

Based on number of pages all your projects have altogether


Even though both platforms aimed to do visual testing they work completely different and serve different purposes. Percy is more for adding visual coverage for your functional tests and Diffy is verifying visuals of your pages in bulk.