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Diffy vs Ghostinspector

Ghost Inspector is great for fast testing of your pages. But it lags behind Diffy when it comes to options available to tweak and test your pages before taking the screenshot.

Diffy provides a rich set of tools to edit and check all possible scenarios before taking the screenshot. 


Technical difference

Ghost Inspector is a tool for automating functional testing with elements of visual testing as well.

You can start recording your tests using a Chome plugin by clicking “Start recording”. Plugin will keep recording all the actions you performed like clicking buttons, links, submitting forms etc. All elements are referenced by CSS selectors.

Diffy doesn't require installing any plugins nor any "recording" of the actions.

Ghostinspector does assertions based on texts shown on the page. Also there is possibility to see if there were any differences in the screenshots.

Service runs tests in the cloud and provides your “pass” / “fail” results with one screenshot in the end.


Pixel Perfect + Vertical Shifts for Minimum False Positives

Diffy has combined pixel perfect and vertical shift testing to ensure that there are fewer false positives to make the reviewing process swift and error-free.

Diffy’s custom algorithms allow it to combine both approaches for double authentication of all elements before showing the results. Ghost Inspector only uses Pixel Perfect, which has been prone to false positives before.

Easier as a Whole

Creating a page is a complicated task in itself. Add testing to the mix and sometimes the task becomes too complicated.
To make the testing easier for its users, Diffy has made a number of useful shortcuts that make testing less intimidating. For example, Diffy doesn’t need you to code while testing. Everything is visual so any member of your team can do the testing without any training.

This way, you can leave the testing to Diffy while you focus on creating even better pages and solutions.

Great Performance – Always

Instead of spending so much money on upgrading your infrastructure, you can use Diffy’s scalable infrastructure for the fastest and most accurate testing possible.

To get started, just send the URL you want to test. No need to install any plugins or do anything extra. Everything is available in a single spot for you to use and test your pages without any hassle.

Peace of Mind

Diffy is focused on creating the best visual regression testing environment for its users. And that includes making the billing process smoother.

That’s why Diffy charges its users based on the number of pages they’ve tested in a month. It’s not only easier to keep track of, but also eliminates the headache of seeing how many tests you’ve performed on each page and calculating the price.
Ghost Inspector – on the other hand – uses the number of tests as the billing criteria.




Ghost Inspector


Coding required



How to start

Install plugin. Record scenarios.

Provide list of URLs to scan

Integration with functional testing frameworks



Take screenshots as authenticated user

Yes. As a part of actions recorded.

Yes. Via configuration.

Manipulate DOM prior taking screenshots: masking, removing, isolating elements

Yes (isolating, removing)


Image comparison

Pixel perfect

Pixel perfect and custom (recognizes vertical shifts)


Runs in the cloud.

Based on Diffy’s infrastructure.

Billing model

Based on number of test runs you send per month

Based on number of pages all your projects have altogether


Ghost Inspector is a great tool to start functional testing fast. Meanwhile, it is not much aimed towards the visual testing of pages. It does come with a single screenshot in the end, but that is it.