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Diffy uses the Chrome browser to take screenshots. If you are looking for true cross-browser testing you could try using LambdaTest. Our affiliate link is

Integration is available so screenshots are created by LambdaTest and uploaded to Diffy for storing and comparing later.

In order to use LambdaTest Screenshot API, you would need a paid plan. Even a basic one will work.

Steps to set up the integration are:

  • Download and authenticate Diffy CLI
  • Authenticate with LambdaTest
  • Create a project in Diffy
  • Run CLI commands to create screenshots in LambdaTest and upload them to the project


Download and authenticate Diffy CLI

Full steps

Download CLI from, get the API Key under the Main menu -> Keys and authenticate with

diffy auth:login xxxxxxxxxxxx


Authenticate with LambdaTest

Get the Username and Access Token under My Profile

LambdaTest Access Token


Authenticate Diffy CLI with LambdaTest:

diffy lambdatest:save-credentials <username> <access_token>


Create a project in Diffy

Create a project in Diffy. The main thing is to provide URLs you are planning to test. Remember the Project's ID.


Run Screenshots using LambdaTest

Now you can get the list of all browsers available to you in LambdaTest:

diffy lambdatest:browsers-list


And then run screenshots for your project using LambdaTest

diffy lambdatest:screenshot PROJECT_ID  --wait=10 windows__10--opera--75,windows__10--chrome--90


Once screenshots are generated you will see an "upload" type of the screenshots set created in your project.

Diffy upload screenshots

LambdaTest different browsers

In this way, you can create screenshots from your different environments by using real browsers from LambdaTest.

In the meantime, please be aware that all advanced editorial features of Diffy like masking/removing elements, executing javascript, and others won't work with Lambda but you get great results with cross-browser testing.

If you still need both cross-browser and advanced edited screenshots you can create different Projects in Diffy for the same site and fine-tune configuration the way you like.