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Here are some popular questions about our billing model.


How can I make someone else in my organization pay for my account?

You have already set up your team and projects and have decided to purchase a subscription. You can either enter the credit card details of your organization on your own or let someone else create a subscription and pass your team to that account. We link billing information to a user account. Once the team is transferred to the account with billing details provided you can still be an admin and manage the team the same way if it was yours.


What are the pages limit for the account? Is it screenshots?

We have two models: unlimited screenshots pages based or limited screenshots unlimited pages based. In the case of unlimited screenshots, you can not create projects that have more pages than your limit. For example, you have 100 pages limit. So you can create 5 projects with 20 pages (URLs) each. But you can create as many screenshots as you like. This is a good model when you know that you have a certain number of projects and you would like to test them regularly.

Another model is based on the number of your screenshots. So you can purchase 1000 screenshots and have a project of 200 pages and test it few times without the need to purchase a monthly subscription. This model works really well when you know that this testing is more like a one-time thing and you don't need to use it regularly.