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We have released a Github integration that allows posting Diffy results as checks.


So if you use pull requests and have builds per pull request you can run Diffy testing on them and get results right in Github.

Github checks


Here is how you can set up such workflow by using Pantheon Multidev, CircleCI.


Diagram of github integration checks


The main idea is that we build every pull request on the same Pantheon’s environment and then compare it with Dev. In this way, we can see what changes are coming with each pull request. And also we will need only one multi-dev environment on Pantheon for that.


Here is a repository with the scripts we use for configuring our project


Steps to set up the integration

Diffy project settings, provide Github repo URL.

Github Check Settings

Next, you need to connect our Github Diffy App with your repository. For this, you need to visit the page and accept the terms.

Then we can start configuring CircleCI to do deployments to Pantheon Multidev. For that, you need to copy files from to your project and adjust the settings. Please check the instructions on GitHub repo.