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Gitlab metrics report

Gitlab has a fantastic way to report test results in merge requests. It support multiple formats including plain text document. Read more about Metrics Report here


If you are looking for the integration with GitLab here is a workflow we could help setting you up:

  • gitlab repo is configured automatically deploy to your hosting. For example to Acquia. Whenever you push the code to master, staging, production branches it gets pushed to Acquia's repos and deployed to appropriate environments.
  • when you plan to do a release you create a merge request. For example from your staging to production branches. So your team can review changes.
  • whenever merge request is created pipelines trigger comparison job in Diffy. Retrieves results and post them as metrics in merge request.


So results will be posted like on screenshot:

Diffy Gitlab Metrics Report


Please let us know if you could be interested in such integration.