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Make sure your maintenance releases do not introduce visual regressions

Our screenshots based testing tool checks every page of your site to make sure no unintentional changes made

Our Customers

Check hundreds of sites after an update?

Do you need to check hundreds of websites if they are not broken after an update?

Wait for clients to confirm?

Do you need to wait for your clients to confirm you can do production deployment?

Do that weekly or multiple time a week?

And you need to do that weekly or multiple times a week?

Diffy highlights what pages changed and how, so you just review the changes and do not spend hours checking random pages of your sites.

Optimized for large number of projects

Run visual checks on multiple projects with just a few clicks.

Optimized for large number of projects
Shedule monitoring

Weekly monitoring on your schedule

Monitoring will take screenshots and compare them with screenshots of previous run (i.e. yesterday) so you just receive an email notificaiton if anything changed.

APIs for integrations

Build your own Safe-Updates workflow by integrating Diffy into your CI

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2 million
screenshots monthly
websites tested

Diffy helps your QA team

to ensure that websites don't get visual bugs