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22 October 2020

Testing tabs, mobile menu, sliders

A lot of web pages right now have some elements that get activated by clicking on the pages. For example, sliders, or dropdown menus, or tabs. How to take screenshots of those pages too?


Here is an example of how you can do that with Diffy.


Let's take an example of the site We would like to take screenshots of not only the homepage but also the language switcher and the second slide on the homepage slideshow.


For that we can create three URLs from the homepage:


And now we can add custom javascript (under Project Settings > Advanced > Custom Javascript) that gets injected into the pages to trigger actions based on the URL like:

if (window.location.hash == '#language-switcher') {
  // trigger the language switcher.

if (window.location.hash == '#next-slide') {
  // trigger the slider to move it one the next one.


This will make three screenshots of the homepage but with different actions run. So we get all the elements covered.

Same page differently captured by Diffy

Top Visual Regressions that You Can Spot with and without Automated Testing

Visual bugs are typically considered easy to spot. You can often see what’s missing or what’s amiss on a web page.

A photo that’s too much to the left, the wrong fonts, a missing button -- these are things that you can spot at a simple glance. But not all visual bugs are that easy to catch, especially not with the naked (or untrained eye).

This is where automated visual regression tools like Diffy come into play. They can help you spot elusive visual bugs easily, even if you have to test hundreds of pages.

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25 Web Dev & QA Testing Statistics Every Developer Should Know [2022]

Trends move quickly in the web development and QA testing space. These trends can help predict where the QA and testing industry is headed. Development teams can adapt emerging best practices and methodologies while gaining a better understanding of the challenges they face throughout the development cycle.


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What Kind of Things Break During WordPress or Drupal Updates and How to Fix Them Quickly

Much of the modern Web is powered by open source content management systems (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal. Like all software, though, even the most reliable CMS needs bugfixes, and all world-class software gets new features in time. And sometimes, – we’ve all been there – no matter how good the intentions behind them are, some updates break things.
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Diffy helps your QA team

to ensure that websites don't get visual bugs