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Visual Regression Testing For Drupal And WordPress

Screenshots based tool to ensure your design stays consistent during code changes.

Updates or client break the site


Compare your "before" and "after" screenshots to make sure that your code changes do not mess up your site's design or user interface.

Updates or client break the site


Regular monitoring to track any changes happen on the site so you proactively solve any problems.

Updates or client break the site

Oversee Developers Work

With monitoring you can ensure that developers accidentally don't break a site and you find out only weeks later.

Our Customers

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Compare two sites

See the difference between your production and staging environment. We will run the comparison and manually mark the changes for you.

Shedule monitoring

Daily, weekly monitoring on your schedule

Monitoring will take screenshots and compare them with screenshots of previous run (i.e. yesterday) so you just receive an email notificaiton if anything found.

Adjust Page Content to avoid False Positives

Take care of ads, carousels, video embeds, popups so they never trigger false positives in your comparisons.

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Custom diff algorithm

Better results with our Comparison Algorithm

If you’ve done visual regression testing before, you know that the tiniest vertical shifts due to browser rendering can lead to highlighting way bigger area than actually changed.

Our algorithm detects these shifts and provides much better results than pixel perfect comparison algorithms.

Create tickets for developers right from the tool

You can create ticket in your bug-tracking system (i.e. Jira, Asana, Trello, Basecamp etc.) right from Diffy with our Zapier integration

Zapier integration

Diffy has everything you need for visual regression testing testing

Automate even further with our integrations
to trigger testing in your CI/CD pipelines.

Use Cases

Visual Regression Testing for Drupal

Make sure you are not producing regression bugs elsewhere on the site -- CSS bleed over.

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Visual Regression Testing for WordPress

Ensure your updates never break your website accidentally.

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See how we take screenshots

2 million
screenshots monthly
websites tested

Diffy helps your QA team

to ensure that websites don't get visual bugs