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News, Insights about Visual Regression Testing from Diffy's team

SVG with GIF inside. How to freeze the animation?

We discovered that you can place animated GIFs inside of the SVG. This makes freezing animation very interesting problem. Example is on the site Neutec

GIF inside SVG


Here is a way to freeze it with javascript:

const image = document.querySelector('#Layer_1 image[*|href$=".gif"]');

2 mins read read

2 different ways to use Baseline in your VRT

While you can directly compare two websites with VRT there is a notion of a Baseline set that you always compare against. But why would you need one? We see two main use cases: 1. monitoring 2. save time in pull request testing
3 mins read read

Dealing with ShadowDOM with jQuery

Recently we started testing and we wanted to take screenshots of the dropdown menu and search box, but they were implemented as components with shadowDOM.
2 mins read read

Drupal And Design Systems

Design systems is a modern approach to building websites and keeping your visuals consistent. In this article we will talk about different ways you can integrate design systems in your theme.
6 mins read

25 Web Dev & QA Testing Statistics Every Developer Should Know [2022]

Trends move quickly in the web development and QA testing space. These trends can help predict where the QA and testing industry is headed. Development teams can adapt emerging best practices and methodologies while gaining a better understanding of the challenges they face throughout the development cycle.


7 min read

Regression Testing: Your Step-by-Step Action Plan

Regression testing can be an overwhelming task. You can try to do too much and fail because of a lack of resources. In this article we will talk about how you can start with small practical steps to get results fast. Once you set up basic tests like visual regression testing you can start with more complex implementations including automation.
7 min read

Top Visual Regressions that You Can Spot with and without Automated Testing

Visual bugs are typically considered easy to spot. You can often see what’s missing or what’s amiss on a web page.

A photo that’s too much to the left, the wrong fonts, a missing button -- these are things that you can spot at a simple glance. But not all visual bugs are that easy to catch, especially not with the naked (or untrained eye).

This is where automated visual regression tools like Diffy come into play. They can help you spot elusive visual bugs easily, even if you have to test hundreds of pages.

4 mins read

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