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Automation Testing 101: Benefits, Types & Tools

If you are familiar with software testing, you already know that there are two main types: manual and automation testing. Both aim to execute a test case and compare the expected results and actual results.  The difference between the two is that manual testing is performed by a human who checks the software to determine if it is working as expected. In contrast, automation testing requires using a software tool or framework to execute test cases. 
5 mins read

The Complete Compatibility Testing Guide | Tools, Types & Examples

As technology advances faster than ever, software development needs aren't focused on a single platform anymore. Today, each software is developed with the aim to run cross-platform. This is where the need for compatibility testing comes into play.

For the vast majority of software types, you have to test your website’s/application’s compatibility to run on a wide range of devices. How do you do that? How can you make sure that your users can move seamlessly across devices without their experience being hampered in any way?

5 min read

Everything You Need To Know About Performance Testing and Its Types

The software testing process does not end with the segregation of functional and non-functional types. Therefore, to develop a thorough understanding of the SDLC, you need to dig deeper. One of the non-functional testing types is performance testing and this type is further segregated into 4 types.

4 min read

Non functional Testing: Types & Examples

A Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is undoubtedly incomplete without testing. The testing phase comes right after the Post Development Review (PDR) once the documented business rules of a feature are verified. While functional testing focuses on the working of the functional areas of your application, non functional testing provides insights regarding the response of your application under different scenarios.

5 min read

A Brief Guide to Functional Testing, Types & Examples

Apart from being an integral part of the SDLC, functional testing is defined as testing a software system's ability to meet the functional requirements of an end-to-end solution. New to the world of functional testing? You have come to the right place!

7 min read

Functional vs. Non Functional Testing: A Comparison Guide

Testing plays a vital role in successful software deployment, product releases, or end-to-end solutions building. Both functional and non functional testing hold equal importance in successfully executing the complete SDLC. 

This article will look at the comparative analysis for both of these testing types. Need a more in-depth look at non functional testing first? Check out our comprehensive guide on non functional testing

6 min read

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